Is this your relationship?

Are you caught in conflict that goes nowhere?

Is your communication style working well for you?

Are you feeling disconnected and lonely in your relationship?

Has passion vanished between you?

Clear communication, good problem solving and feeling close and cherished are common goals of couples who attend Hold Me Tight® Couples Retreats.  See what couples say about their two-day retreat experience and accomplishments on our Testimonials page.

The educational presentations of the workshop help couples understand how distance replaced closeness, how defensiveness replaced openness and how loneliness replaced connection in their love relationships.  Presentations are divided into 7 conversations designed to create relationship connection, intimacy and trust through deep personal exploration and partner sharing of the impact of partner's actions and personal reactions, emotions and longings that arise.  Relationship transformation takes place as partners share deeply discoveries about themselves and their relationship.

Research Proves Effectiveness of Hold Me Tight® Programs

Following 30 years of research proving the effectiveness of Emotionally Focused Therapy upon which the Hold Me Tight® program is based, three research studies (2015 - 2017) have found relationship satisfaction increased significantly after completing a Hold Me Tight® program. The latest study also showed significant improvement in the couple’s relationship satisfaction as well as an increase in family functioning.

Couples Retreat


Spend two days focusing on 7 important aspects of love to create connection. Learn through educational presentations, videos, discussions and exercises on each aspect of love. Experience micro-moments of transformation and fall more in love.
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Cancer – TAC


A cancer diagnosis can throw a relationship off its axis. Prevent cancer from hijacking your relationship. Learn to build closeness, comfort, support, connection and trust. The quality of your relationship does matter when you face cancer.
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Upcoming Retreats:

San Diego, CA

May 10 and 11, 2019

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day

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